Black Diamond Management

Sun Valley Property Management

Profile BethBeth Ward – Co-Owner

Born in Michigan and raised in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area, Beth Ward, first moved to Boise, Idaho, in 1986. From there, after having dreamed for years about living in a mountain town, Beth finally moved to Ketchum, ID, in 2006 and accomplished her lifelong goal of living at an altitude over 6,000 feet! Beth loves the Sun Valley area for many reasons—but loves it most because of its natural beauty and the fantastic people here! When it comes to hobbies, skiing is definitely at the top of Beth’s list, however, she also enjoys hiking and making pottery in her spare time. Also passionate about traveling, Beth has a many great stories to tell about her adventures abroad while skiing in France, sailing in the Caribbean, and snorkeling in Brazil. As a co-owner of Black Diamond Management, Beth is largely responsible for the care taking of client properties, long term rental management and part of the association management team. For those who are coming to Sun Valley for a temporary stay, Beth recommends making the most of your time here by taking a chance, getting off the beaten path, and exploring the hidden trails and treasures of the area as would a true local!

Profile Colleen2Colleen Love Kassner – Co-Owner

A Minnesota native, Colleen Kassner moved to Sun Valley for a winter in 1982, stayed for the following summer, and never left! Her favorite hobbies include downhill skiing and riding on her tandem bicycle with her husband. In addition, Colleen enjoys taking her two Airedale terriers, Tanner and Sage, out on hikes, and also enjoys entertaining and hosting family, friends, and exchange students in her home on a regular basis. As a co-owner of Black Diamond Management, Colleen is the head of the association management team and is also the company’s primary accountant. Colleen recommends to all guests that you go outside and explore in depth the great outdoor playground that is Idaho. If you are looking for activities to help fill your time while vacationing in Sun Valley, Colleen recommends taking a day hike up into the mountains and visit Pioneer Cabin. She also recommends having dinner at Enoteca, skiing the bowl runs on Baldy, and biking out past Trail Creek summit to where the pavement stops for a fun and scenic road ride.

Profile DonnaDonna Doan – Office Bookkeeper

Originally from San Diego, California, Donna Doan moved to the Sun Valley area in the fall of 1981. After spending the winter in Ketchum, she extended her stay through the following summer at the recommendation of a friend—and, like so many other locals in this area, decided that she liked it so much she never left. Among other things, Donna loves to spend her spare time water skiing, hiking Chocolate Gulch, and gardening. In the wintertime, she plays hockey for the Sun Valley Twisters. A proud mother of two, Donna is Black Diamond’s main bookkeeper, and otherwise go-to gal for ‘all things office.’ For both first timers and repeat customers, Donna recommends checking out Galena Lodge and cross-country skiing on the Harriman Trails during the winter months. However, if you are visiting in the summertime, Donna suggests that you check out the free Sun Valley symphonies or evening ice shows during your stay for some unique family fun!

johnstraka profileJohn Straka – Property Inspections and Maintenance

Born in Buffalo, New York, and raised in Valparaiso, Indiana, John Straka has been a resident of the Sun Valley area for almost 40 years. One of his favorite pastimes entails mountain biking along Fox Creek trail with his 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Katty. As a valued team member here at Black Diamond Management, John is the business’s lead inspector general and overall maintenance guru! When he is not otherwise working for Black Diamond, John also paints and teaches skiing lessons on Baldy. A big fan of backcountry skiing, John loves the wintertime here in Sun Valley and does his best to get out and ski an average of 130-150 days each year. When it comes to our visitors, John recommends taking a day to do his favorite hike—the High Ridge Trail, just north of town—followed by a satisfying dinner at the Ketchum Grill. He also suggests riding the chair lift to the top of Baldy during both the summer and winter months, in order to ski, of course, or instead to eat the Roundhouse restaurant for lunch all while taking in the breathtaking views of Sun Valley from up above.